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We visualize dreams.

3D & VFX animation for
the entertainment and gaming industry.

Epik Studios is a 3D animation studio based in Salzburg specialised in high end storytelling visuals for

the entertainment & gaming industry.


We help small and medium sized entertainment & gaming companies to create stunning CGI for their product, upcoming trailer or other promotional content.


What we stand for.

We are telling stories

that matter.

Effective 3D promotion videos and other content rely on captivating stories. Such narratives enable audiences to emotionally connect with showcased products or brands, instilling a sense of trust and authenticity.


Telling a story allows you to ignite viewers' imaginations, creating a lasting impact that lingers well beyond the video's conclusion. In today's competitive marketing landscape, standing out is increasingly difficult. However, stories possess the ability to differentiate your brand and foster relatability with your target audience.


Whether it's a heartwarming account of how your product has positively transformed someone's life or a witty anecdote detailing your brand's history, a compelling story can make all the difference in capturing attention and inspiring action.


Our magic in action.

Our past work with incredible clients who gave us trust to implement the magic needed.


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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.


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Driven by passion.

Reimagine advertising's negative image into captivating and enjoyable content for all to relish.


United by a mutual disinterest in reality, we have crafted our own world fueled by aspirations and imagination. Our mission is to showcase the extraordinary potential of your product or content. From the dawn of the digital renaissance, when 3D animation and visual effects first illuminated the screen, we recognized the infinite possibilities of bringing any concept or vision to life.


Inspired by the pioneering CGI film Star Wars, our passion endures to this day. We continuously broaden our expertise to ensure that our virtual worlds are not just visually stunning, but also resonate with viewers on an emotional level.

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